INPUT 2014 in Helsinki Connects Media Professionals Worldwide

INPUT, the world’s biggest international PBS TV conference will be held in Helsinki 
from 12 to 15 May 2014. The conference aims to bring together more than 600 media professionals from all over the world and all fields of the global media industry. INPUT can be quite a happening and the timing for Finland is perfect – there will only be one or two hours of darkness at this time of year, so plenty of time for networking!   
During the four days of the conference – taking place near the sea in the heart of Helsinki – delegates will have an opportunity to watch screenings and discuss the most innovative TV and online contents in all genres. Programmes presented at the conference in May will be selected in February by several INPUT Moderators coming from many corners of the world to Berlin for the INPUT International Selection. This year we are planning special evening sessions for you to learn more about the ways of modern Finnish and Scandinavian media.

The INPUT discussion topics might vary from inventive editing methods to previously unseen PBS formats or new broadcasting strategies, but they are always based on the programmes screened. Therefore all examples are presented by the original program makers, who will meet the delegates in open, inspiring and often challenging discussions. Special focus in Helsinki will be New ideas for TV events, formats and hybrids, investigative TV journalsim and reporting, productions targeting younger audiences, TV fiction and Cross/multi media products related to public service media. Whatever your background, INPUT 2014 in Helsinki will arrange effective and fun networking opportunities for all – journalists, producers, writers, editors and CEOs alike.

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle will host the conference together with distinguished media partners such as SES (The Finnish Film Foundation), AVEK
(The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture), Satu ry (Association of Independent Producers in Finland),
Favex ry (Finnish Film and Audiovisual Export),
MTV Media, Nordisk Film & TV Fond and Koura Foundation.