Regulations INPUT 2014

1. Who can participate?

INPUT is open to all Public Service Broadcasters around the world, as well as production companies or individuals producing programmes for broadcast on public service channels.

2. What kind of programmes can be submitted?

INPUT is looking for innovative, provocative, courageous or ground breaking public service television and online productions.
The conference 2014 in Helsinki will focus on
- New Ideas for TV events, formats, and hybrids

- Investigative TV Journalism & Reporting

- Productions targeting younger audiences
- TV Fiction
- Cross / Multi Media productions related to public service media

4. Eligible period

Submitted productions may not have been broadcast before 1 November 2012.
Programmes that were made for television but have not yet been broadcast are also eligible.

5. How to submit to the International Selection?

In countries where an INPUT National Coordinator
is active, productions may only be submitted via the National Coordinator (see list).
If you live in a country without a National Coordinator or you cannot get in touch with the National Coordinator please submit directly.
The International Selection is in the hands of the INPUT Moderators who are appointed annually by the INPUT Board. The International Selection will run from 9 to 15 February 2014.

6. Deadlines

Registration forms will be online until
31 December 2013.
By this date the INPUT SECRETARIAT must have received for each submission:

- Submission form, duly completed

- 3 DVDs, subtitled in English or English language version.
If no English version is available – please submit
a detailed script in English.
Please send all material (delivery paid); proforma invoice attached to the following address:

by mail (postbox):                 by courier:
INPUT Secretariat                  INPUT Secretariat
RBB / Prix Europa                  RBB / Prix Europa
D-14046 Berlin                      Kaiserdamm 80
Germany                               14057 Berlin
Please mark the envelope clearly (otherwise it might not get through custom controls):
For festival use only. No commercial value.
By 25 February 2014 all submitters will be informed about the results of the International Selection. Please register for the INPUT Newsletter to make sure you receive all news.

7. What is to be done once a submission has been selected for INPUT 2014?

Should a production be selected for screening at INPUT 2014, the submitters will be asked to send a DigiBeta (other formats only after consultation with the conference host) of the selected production
(with English subtitles or an English language version)
to the conference hosts in Helsinki to reach them no later than 15 April 2014.  

8. Screenings

From Monday 12 May to Thursday 15 May all selected programmes will be presented to the Delegates who have registered for INPUT 2014 Helsinki. Presentations will happen in half day sessions, always followed by discussions. All Sessions are presented by INPUT Moderators who will get in touch with the submitter of a programme prior to the conference to explain the context in which a programme will be shown and discussed. In the Sessions, programmes will be shown in excerpt or full length. All programmes will also be available in the On Demand Library open to registered INPUT Delegates from 12 to 15 May.


9. Personal Participation

The attendance of an INPUT conference is open to all media professionals. The main feature of the conference is the professional discussion, which follows each screening of a production.
For this reason, all productions screened at INPUT have to be accompanied by a key person involved with the programme like the director, author, commissioning editor or producer. This person will be contacted by INPUT prior to the conference to prepare the discussion.
The submitter is responsible to bear all travel and accommodation costs for this staff member.

10. After the INPUT Conference

INPUT will not return any material sent in for the International Selection.
INPUT will keep the material of all productions screened during the conference for use in the INPUT Archive at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain.

11. Mini-INPUT events

INPUT will keep copies of all productions screened during the conference for 1 year. These copies can be used free of charge for Mini-INPUT events all over the globe, organized by INPUT National Coordinators or INPUT Board members. These Mini-INPUTs are strictly non-commercial professional training events following special Guidelines.

12. The Small Print

Productions submitted to the conference may not include any commercial advertising.
A co-production will be regarded as the submission of whichever organisation submits it. All co-production partners must be named on the submission form. It will be presumed by INPUT and the conference host that the other co-producers have agreed to the programme being submitted.
INPUT shall have the right to
a.) screen the programme during the yearly conference and make it available in the on demand library to registered conference delegates,
b.) screen the programme during Mini-Inputs during one year after the main conference and
c.) release stills and excerpts of up to 3 minutes from any submission for screening free of charge by TV stations reporting on the conference or for use on the Internet or other media.
All graphic material sent in by the entrants is released free of charge for use in all publications about the conference (press, printed material, Internet etc.).
Freight, customs and insurance costs for the shipment of entries and accompanying material shall be borne by the submitter.
These rules are issued in English.
The registration of a submission for INPUT 2014 implies full acceptance of these rules.

Here you can download these Regulations as a pdf.