1977: Is the year INPUT was founded by a group of dedicated TV-makers who met in Bellagio, Switzerland. Many people have helped this first initiative to develop into an internationally acknowledged professional TV event. Among them Howard Klein, James Day, Sergio Borelli, Hans- Geert Falkenberg, Barbara van Dyke, Robert Stephane, Nam June Paik and Kjeld Veirup.

Assembly: The International Assembly is open to INPUT Members and convenes ones a year during the conference to elect Members of the International Board.

Best of INPUT: Events around the globe where the best programmes from the previous three years are screened. (Also see Mini-INPUT)

Conference: INPUT is a conference and a rare opportunity to see and question what colleagues from other cultures are doing, to explore TV making methods and techniques with peers from other countries. There is no award or prize – the value of INPUT lies in the professional debate about the screened programmes.

Delegates: Several hundred TV professionals from around the globe attend the conference. It is their participation, energy, and input which really is at the heart of the conference.

Dissent: Is highly appreciated and supported at INPUT. This is Sergio Borelli's favourite term to explain what makes the international exchange at INPUT so valuable to all the delegates.

Fee: The modest fee everybody who attends the conference has to pay is used to cover the minimal administration and website costs, and to support some of the Shopstewards with their travel costs.

General Secretariat: Based in Berlin - among other things - responsible for the website and the conference catalogue.

Goethe-Institut: Is an Associate Member of INPUT, organising many Mini-INPUT events. Each year media experts working for the Goethe-Institut attend INPUT for training purposes. The Goethe-Institut also has its own INPUT Hub in Munich and supports this conference by making it possible for several delegates to participate as well. The Goethe-Institut values the identity building strengths of public service broadcasting on society, and supports the INPUT values.


Host: Each year a public TV organisation hosts the conference, providing the conference location, technical facilities and staff. Sponsorship must apply with the spirit and objectives of INPUT.

Hubs: They can provide copies of all programmes screened during the last three conferences for use at INPUT related training events. The 6 Hubs are based in Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Montreal, Seoul, Sydney and Munich.

International Programme Selection: Each year about several hundred programmes from around the world are submitted to the Selection Coordinator in Berlin. About one third are selected and grouped into conference sessions. This job is done by the Shopstewards, coordinated by a Coordinator chaired by the Head of International Selection. Their only guidance is to choose programmes which reflect outstanding, new and courageous television. 

Mini-INPUT: Screenings initiated by National Coordinators or Goethe-Insitutes after an INPUT conference, for the sake of their colleagues who couldn't attend. The events vary in form and length but all are spreading INPUT’s impact and visibility.

National Coordinators: TV professionals around the world scout on a national level for programmes which fit the aims of the conference. Each country has its own selection system. An increasing international network of INPUT NC’s submit their national choice to the annual International Selection.

Newsletter: A Newsletter is sent out about four times a year, informing the readers of everything around INPUT. Please register on our website to stay informed. The INPUT website is a good place to check back to often.

Sergio Borelli: One of the founding fathers of INPUT, and backbone of the conference. Born in Italy he has travelled the world for INPUT as International Programme Coordinator for 30 years.

Sessions: Sessions are presented by Shopstewards who are appointed by the Board to edit the conference programme. They bring with them different perspectives, backgrounds and varied professional TV experiences. The result of their hard work is an edition with the most thought- provoking public TV crop of the last year.

Voluntary: Everybody working in an INPUT function like Shopstewards, National Coordinators, Board Members are doing so on a voluntary basis, without any payment and in their free time.